I’ll Meet You at the Fork in the Road

“Think of the World you carry within you”

~Rainer Maria Rilke

I saw this quote written on the cover of a journal as I was walking through Target today.  I was at Target to get supplies for my trip to West Virginia to volunteer.  I haven’t been overly excited about this trip.  I like what I am going to do and I know that this community, less than seven hours from my home, needs so much help.  High School drop out rates in more than 39 counties is almost 2% greater than the National average.  I am going there to teach for a week.  I don’t know what to expect other than mountains and mosquitoes!

Ill be at the fork in the mountains

 (image source)

I wanted to go to Guatemala.  I had filled out the application and had been accepted as an English teacher.  After some thorough research, I backed out of the trip.  Guatemala, so it seems, is not a very safe place to visit.  Our Government tends to blow safety concerns in other countries out of proportion but when the Guatemalan Government listed two pages of safety concerns I decided that perhaps now was not the time for me to visit this area.  I then decided that I would take a solo road trip to Beards Fork, West Virginia.  This trip was my birthday present to myself.

Last year, I decided that instead of always receiving on my birthday I would give instead.  Giving gives me more pleasure and happiness than any gift I could receive on my birthday.  Last year, I decided to have a dinner party in honor of all of my girl friends.  Most assumed I was doing it for my 40th birthday bash.  It was NOT my 40th last year, that was three days ago.  It was instead (in my mind) my graduation party.  A graduation from an old way of thinking and doing things.  It was my way of moving from taking to giving.

So as I was walking through Target, wondering if going to the middle of the mountains with no cell reception to help me hear my kids’ voices was the right idea, I ran across this quote.  It made me think – What if we all could think of this perfect world and just carry that inside of us?  If everyone could just carry a piece – can you imagine?  We can change the world- we just have to “think” we can.

I leave in the morning, just me, my jeep and the open road……..

I am also taking on another cause- if you would like to help the children of Japan please visit my causes site:  http://wishes.causes.com/wishes/259269


One thought on “I’ll Meet You at the Fork in the Road

  1. Safe, safe, fulfilling, inspiring, meaningful, impactful travels, Holly. I look forward to hearing about how your world inside has changed or differed when you return. Eileen


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