I found my “la la la” – Home Instead Wrapping Party

I wasn’t feeling well yesterday- physically or mentally.  I was in a funk and my “Fa” had lost its “la la la”.  I just wasn’t feeling the holiday spirit.  I had contacted the people at Home Instead Senior Care a few weeks before stating that I wanted to come and help wrap the donated gifts for the seniors and would they mind if I took some pictures and wrote about it on my blog.  I wasn’t in the mood to go but since I had told them that I would be coming I forced myself out of bed (and my ensuing depression) and headed to Sterling House.


Sterling House Residents waiting for the Carolers to start

Home Instead Senior Care, http://www.homeinstead.com,  provides in-home senior care and companionship.   They provide all the essential services so that your loved one can remain at home while they age.

Upon entering Sterling House Senior Facility where we were going to wrap gifts for the “Be a Santa to a Senior” program, I was immediately met by the owner, Janet Barrows, and shown where to pick up gifts, paper and tape and instantly set about the business of wrapping gifts.


Volunteers wrapping presents for seniors

There were carts overflowing with gifts people had bought for the “Be a Santa for a Senior” program.  I wrapped everything from stamps to tissues to chocolates to towels.  We had socks and coffee mugs and books.  Each gift had been requested by a senior and hung upon a tree (at local businesses) waiting for an “angel” to help them get something a little special for Christmas.   As I wrapped my gifts, sharing idle “chit chat” with the ladies working at my table, someone sat at the piano and started to play.  As I turned to look, a group of seniors stood up and started to sing “Away in the Manger” in perfect 3-part harmony.  The season and recent events in my life were suddenly put into perspective.

Christmas Carolers

I felt like the Grinch whose heart grew three sizes that day – as the tears ran down my cheeks, I knew I had found my “la la la”


authors side note:

Long story short- as I was leaving the wrapping party (feeling all warm in my heart), I was approached by a reporter from the Herald Times who wanted my contact info – someone had ratted me out as a blogger 🙂 We talked about the things that I would be writing about on this site and she was interested in contacting me in the future to talk about my site.  Wow – serendipity?


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